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Historical Maps Online
Historical Maps Online

Maps, Gold & Gems and Ghost Towns

Northwest Distributors is your source for locating ghost towns and gold and gem deposits.

Take a stroll through yesterday with these historical map packages of the Old West! Are you interested in Ghost Towns, Gold and Gems or both?

Whether you’re looking to locate an old ghost town or your interest lies in gold and gems, you will definitely want one or more of these packages of historical maps! There are two series which have been compiled by R. N. Preston, an avid researcher and collector of old maps for more than 40 years. See which map package is available for each of the following states:

(*California – the state of California is divided at the city of Merced, CA in covering Northern California and Southern California).

Imagine having 100 years of information compiled into a handy map package revealing many secrets! Browse through our site and discover old ghost towns, learn about gold and gems sites and where they could be found in ten western states.

Gold & Gem Maps

All of the western state gold and gems map packages contain maps with the same format displaying the past locations of silver, gold and gem deposits. All maps in this series are in packages measuring 6.5″ x 9.5″. The very readable maps measure 17.5 x 23 when unfolded and should prove valuable as field guides for all enthusiasts of early mining activities, rockhounds, history buffs or amateur treasure hunters!

Ghost Town Maps

Ghost Towns and Ghost Sites are yours to rediscover as you peruse and study the maps in this collection. All maps included in the Ghost Town series are based on authentic documents from various collections such as the National Archives, and state and local sources. Each packet, measuring 6.5″ by 9.5″, contains maps (18″ x 24″ trimmed) which were selected for quality, age and location details.

Dealer Inquiries

Dealer inquiries are welcome! If you have a retail shop, our historical ghost town maps and gem and gold maps can be a nice addition to your inventory and / or catalog. Museums, Gift shops, rock and gold panning supply stores, truck stops, travel agencies, mom and pop stores, novelty shops, and book stores are all perfect places to feature and sell our historical map packages.

If you would like to offer our map packages in your store or catalog, please Contact Us for more information.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Historical Maps Online - Gold and Gem Maps
While the stereotype of a solitary prospector is common, many mining claims were owned and worked by groups sharing the cost, labor, risk and reward of their venture. The Gold Rush saw an explosion of everyday people coming west to try their luck, and many needed partners to just survive the harsh conditions.
Historical Maps Online - Ghost Town Maps
Thousands of ghost towns, large and small, are scattered around the American west. Each had its reason for being, whether as a mining town, cattle town, crossroads, or gathering place for settlers. Many are closer than you might think.
Historical Maps Online - Ghost Town Maps
Mining operations range from individuals panning for gold on the weekend, to large scale hard rock mines. The former can be in ruggedly beautiful mountains with rushing rivers and creeks, while the latter may use 11,000 foot mineshafts such as California’s Empire mine.
Historical Maps Online - Gold and Gem Maps
One of the easiest ways to pan for gold or gems in the old days was to set up an elevated sluice box on a riverfront beach. Whether it was lucrative or not, it was certainly a scenic and low cost method of finding treasure!