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Take a stroll through yesterday with these historical map packages of the Old West!  Interested in Ghost Towns, Gold and Gems or both?

Whether you’re looking to locate an old ghost town or your interest lies in gold and gems, you will definitely want one or more of these packages of historical maps!  These two series– each with 11 publications–have been compiled by R. N. Preston, an avid collector of old maps for more than 40 years.  There is a ghost town map package and a gold and gems package for each of the following states:  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California (divided into two packages at the city of Merced, CA – Northern California and Southern California), Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Montana.

Imagine 100 years of information compiled into a handy map package revealing many secrets!  Browse through our site!  Discover old ghost towns, learn about gold and gems sites and where they could be found in ten western states.

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Home photo - pan handler
Home photo - pan handler